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A place of refuge for women who are pregnant or new mothers as we work alongside them to reach their goals of stability and independence. 

The 5 core pillars of Alliance Family Services which have guided the addition of this service for women and children are as follows:

1. Gospel-Centered

2. Life is Sacred

3. Compassion

4. Courage

5. Operational Excellence

Life is Sacred

We believe that every human life is precious and in need of protection and care from the moment of conception. The Hope House allows us to care for the very real needs of expecting mothers who may be experiencing various pressures and hardships and to promote the dignity of both mother and child. 


Compassion and Courage

It takes courage for women to reject abortion and choose life when they are facing what may seem like insurmountable challenges. We are delighted to stand courageously alongside of them as they pursue a fresh start and future filled with hope. Our caring team of staff and volunteers have known the compassion and mercy of Christ in their own lives and they seek to share these gifts with our residents.

Mother and Daughter


We are unapologetically followers of Christ. As a part of living at the Hope House, women and children will have the option to participate in Bible studies, discipleship programs and attend a solid, Bible-believing local church. We know that providing practical needs is essential work for the Christian that we are committed to, but those things alone will not bring lasting change in anyone's life. The only true hope for transformation comes through repentance of sin and turning to Christ as Lord. That is something that cannot be forced or coerced, but is a gift from God that each person chooses to accept or reject. Regardless of the choice our residents make, they will be loved and nurtured at Hope House. 

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